Decoding a Myth : Episode 1 - Branding Dive Business

‘ Eve gives the apple to Adam but it was not Eve who was the first marketer. On the contrary, it was the snake that first convinced Eve to market the apple to Adam ’ (Phillips Kotler)

Diving industry is experiencing a continuous increase in popularity around the world. In fact, diving can be found in every continent in different regions. Rumor has it; there are more than famous 29,185 reported dive sites listed on the globe, for both freedive and SCUBA.

At a micro-economics level dive practitioners or instructors offers diving instruction in the form of escorted diving excursions or certification classes. Products consist of training, instructions and equipment sale or rentals. The industry activities are literally formed by certifications, instructions, trips, and gear rentals., so many.

But when it comes to numbers and the extent to which business has to get a grip on, competition is tough and fierce. By that I mean mostly ugly. Reason being? Read the last paragraph, there are too many activities.

Being a good dive brand means being able to embrace information and knowledge that interplay an integral role for effective treatment of the brand itself. It is also the key to successful diver relationships and generating diver knowledge, which, in turn, strengthens the brand’s ability to interact more effectively with the divers and to understand their own needs, expectations and behavior better. It is essential for the any dive brand to gain insight into marketing activities to fulfill these needs, and to acquire information about the strategies of the immediate competitors. At this digital age, you have to do it 100 times faster.

Nevertheless, dive startups or smaller brands don't have the resources available to effectively handle their branding needs, as simple as that.

So, who should we be turning to?

Let's keep on reading..

The coins can be flipped to the other face, so does the structure of the dive industry. On a macro-economic (a big picture) ; the dive industry embraces revenue from instruction-related training only; membership dues. For most agencies, merchandise sales and other revenue sources are excluded and not encouraged (by mythical reasons if you are aware that there are many activities we are relied upon) Many of them are competing for higher rankings with regards to of image popularity, academics, number of members, turn-over, and of course, passion in diving.

Predominantly, the macro market is only influenced by a few of well-known training agencies who happen to have certified around 90% of all recreational divers in the world. There are +100 of other agencies out there, even if they seem to come and go. And we all know who the big brothers are and where the money actually has gone through.

The question is;

Does that mean the agencies don’t invest in marketing as the market is already heading towards upright position?