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What lies beneath?

Moving through a murky oceans, dark greens of primed palette of colored layers as natural lights started to fade out. A pale of buddies and fellow divers appears in distance. Gliding closer a group of tiny fish before your eyes, that’s when we start to realize that we are already underwater. Arriving in the form we started to see things closer on the bottom end. There comes coral reefs and sea life, a world beyond imagination.

Chumporn, Thailand

That appears to be some diver’s first time in the sea. We open our eyes as a new face yet to be embraced again by another side of the earth, the one that have been sitting there long before we are here; and will be long after we are gone.

Being a rookie diver for many is like awakening up from an unsettling dream. Some of those are having their lives off to one side of hardship, some are making it as a fresh start for the others. No matter how many dives you have taken or what levels of experience a diver bears, each dive is never look quite the same. In fact, each dive is always differently fascinating.

When it comes to the oceans, there are new things to learn and those are always freshly baked every time you jump in the water. A history lover may be keen to find out about the Greek myth of Atlantis, use this as the gateway to exploring new perspectives of the future. A nature activist would see more of the rights to have clean environments (as we all know that the sea represents the mothers of everything for the environment) and figure out how well we could do more to preserve those. Creative people or design technologists often look for what lies beneath that might create their very own versions of mystical sea creatures and make the best of their design through implication of imaginations. As a writer I would love to document my creations by making observations, explaining others how amazing life ‘above and below’ the oceans, and perhaps to be able to suggest changes on how ones may see our lives in different angles through my writing.

Sea lives are true beauty but the inner of lives of a diver is much more revealing. Beneath the deep oceans, where the surface is younger and thinner, life isn’t that harsh. Under the sea, your intimate secrets are easier to let go. All those problems ones are having, would be solved. Well, for at least during the dive time. And even if it comes back out again for your surface interval, the mere one hour with yourself alone and unforgotten views underneath the oceans are truly worthwhile.

Whirling sound of the sea always put a good smile on a diver’s face. Whether what would be waiting back on the shallow or at work front,

..we are just ready again for any cloudy start.

about him

A non-political traveler, a long-standing certified dive instructor, a pilot-in -training, an underwater photographer and most importantly a man who is still learning with himself on his own pace with growing number of deep sea interests.

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