--- 1st Act ---



Sliding pass 30 meters..



Plunged into the deep, shivering as if it was palsy. Struggling hard to stay conscious. Pete tried to maneuver the lungs he couldn’t remember how.



His body still kept tumbling into the ocean bed..




--- 2nd Act ---



Reaching 40 meters..



Eyes keep rolling back…  Pressure was short-circuiting his nerves..


Something hulled into the veins, staggering.. and it ain’t stop.


…Lights started to go out in his nearly gone blackened of the visions of the deep.     




He still kept going..



In the plunge towards the deeper end, Pete was now quivering.


Teeth locks, arms and legs feel numb and helpless..




Suddenly…everything turned exquisite, peaceful, changeless..  all at once…


unseen by human eyes, felt only by memoir of the loss..




…The feeling was indescribable..



It was just beyond PERFECT...




--- Interlude ---




Reaching the ocean floor..



For seconds, life was now put on a pause.. Being in the same ocean but separately from any thoughts..



He was making sense of the fine line between reaching out and embracing in..


His choice, his decision..






The water of life had now turn inside out…


It was a time for ascending to the other good half..


his experience was about to be refined..





The darkness exploded with lights


First breathe was so fresh.. as if it was his very first air out of the womb..




Pete was again, reborn..




--- Finale ---




He just couldn’t wait for another deep dive..


Before the day was gone, for another life..




The Author is not Pete, but he is a Freediver



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A non-political traveler, a long-standing certified dive instructor, a pilot-in -training, an underwater photographer and most importantly a man who is still learning with himself on his own pace with growing number of deep sea interests.

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